Trees for Deep Shade?

Answer For heavily shaded landscapes, or when looking for understory trees that thrive beneath a canopy of larger, sun-loving trees, selecting the appropriate species is essential. As most trees thrive in... Read More »

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Perennials for Deep Shade in the Southwest United States?

Though many don't think shaded areas exist in the desert southwest, they do. Deep shaded areas of a yard can provide a challenge for the southwest gardener as most plants native to that area are su... Read More »

What are the best houseplants for surviving deep shade?

If you are looking for a lot of green then go for peace lilies and cast iron plants. They could grow in a closet.

Shelterbelt Shade Trees?

Shade trees come in all shapes and sizes from small 12-foot flowering trees to 60-foot thick leafy trees. The well-rooted trees with sturdy wood have been used for many years as shelterbelts, or wi... Read More »

Evergreen Shade Trees?

Evergreen trees offer a beautiful addition to any landscape, as they provide year-round greenery for you to enjoy. Unlike deciduous trees, which drop their leaves each fall, evergreens remain drape... Read More »