Trees That Shed Leaves in Winter?

Answer Many tree species, though certainly not all, shed their leaves in the winter. Trees of this type have been botanically defined as deciduous. Hardwoods such as sugar maples (Acer saccharum), America... Read More »

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Trees that shed their leaves when winter approaches are?

Trees That Keep Leaves in Winter?

Trees that keep their leaves in winter are classified as evergreens. Evergreen trees are available in different varieties and forms for use as hedges, privacy screens, natural fences or ornamentals... Read More »

Why Do Leaves Fall Off Trees Before Winter?

Leaves fall of trees before winter because reduced sunlight keeps them from producing much energy. As a result, trees shed their leaves before the winter to save energy. Leaves gradually lose their... Read More »

Trees that Drop their Leaves in Winter?

Trees that lose their leaves in the fall and winter are called deciduous trees. Unlike evergreens, which retain their foliage all year round, deciduous trees don't have the ability to maintain the ... Read More »