Trees That Look Like a Butterfly Bush?

Answer Butterfly expert, Rick Mikula, describes the butterfly bush as a literal magnet to nectar seekers like butterflies, bees, and some birds, depending on the color of blooms. The butterfly bush is als... Read More »

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House Plants That Look Like Small Trees or With Stalk Bottoms?

Keeping a few house plants around your home or office adds a nice touch of the outdoors, and provides green foliage to admire even in the middle of winter. There are a variety of house plants that ... Read More »

What does a blue morpho butterfly look like?

The blue morpho butterfly has wings that appear brilliant blue with a black border. The wings are not actually blue, but are brown in color. The tiny scales that cover the butterfly's wings have ri... Read More »

Why Does My Crabapple Tree Look Like a Bush?

Crabapple trees come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Talk with a nursery specialist before buying a crabapple tree so you know exactly what you are getting. To avoid a shrublike appearance, pr... Read More »

What does a juniper bush look like?

It is green and you can get it in loads of different shapes and sizes. They also grow juniper berries.