Trees That Emit a Chemical to Ward Off Bugs?

Answer A tree would seem, on the surface, to have little defense in the face of insect herbivores, being immobile in the face of mobile attackers. But trees and other plants can actively counter this herb... Read More »

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Bugs That Kill Pine Trees?

Pine trees can weather bug attacks when trees are healthy, but when trees are under stress, especially from drought, they are more susceptible to being killed by insect infestations, according to M... Read More »

Bugs That Climb Up Boxelder Trees?

Boxelder trees (Acer negundo L.) are members of the Aceraceae or maple family. Other names for boxelder trees are California boxelder, Western boxelder and ashleaf maple. While these trees are gene... Read More »

Bugs That Attack Aspen & Poplar Trees?

Poplars, aspens and cottonwood are all members of the Populus genus, in the wider Salicaceae (Willow) family. Poplars and aspens are native to parts of the northern hemisphere. These deciduous tre... Read More »

Bugs That Cause Black Disease on Magnolia Trees?

The magnolia tree (Magnoliaceae) is a native of the southeastern United States and is often seen in southern landscapes. The tree can grow up to 80 feet tall and is favored for its large, thick fol... Read More »