Trees That Emit a Chemical to Ward Off Bugs?

Answer A tree would seem, on the surface, to have little defense in the face of insect herbivores, being immobile in the face of mobile attackers. But trees and other plants can actively counter this herb... Read More »

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What are some plants to ward off bugs?

Okay, I do not believe this is true why? Marigolds are supposed to repel bugs. When I plant marigolds slugs eat them like they were candy. It is a nice myth but I've never had it work. If you... Read More »

Fruit Trees & Bugs?

Fruit trees are susceptible to many different kinds of bug or pests. Some are bugs that commonly attack all fruit trees, while others attack only specific types of fruit trees. Fruit tree growers ... Read More »

Do stink bugs eat pecan trees?

Stink bugs are considered agricultural pests and will eat the sap found in pecan nuts. They also eat many other crops including tomatoes, beans, peppers, corn and cabbage. Stink bugs also eat other... Read More »

Which Bugs Infect Pine Trees?

Several insects affect pine trees, spoiling specimens in parks, gardens and forests. The control of pine tree bugs is of particular interest to foresters and Christmas tree growers, whose livelihoo... Read More »