Tree Diseases That Cause Spots on the Leaves?

Answer Spots on tree leaves indicate a health problem, probably one caused by a fungal or bacterial infection. These issues spread in a number of ways and affect a variety of tree species. Caring for an i... Read More »

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Diseases of Pecan Tree Leaves?

The pecan tree is a stately tree that thrives in most soil conditions. This large tree can easily reach mature heights greater than 70 feet with a spread that can quickly match its height. It produ... Read More »

Spots on Oak Tree Leaves?

Oak trees may be affected by a number of fungal diseases, some which will attack the foliage of the tree and cause spots to form on the leaves. While these diseases can cause unsightly damage, they... Read More »

What Are the Little Brown Spots on Tree Leaves?

Leaf spot problems are fairly common on the leaves of trees. Little brown spots on tree leaves are usually caused by fungi, but can also be caused by insects, bacteria or air pollutants. ... Read More »

Black Spots on Tree Leaves?

Trees serve functional and decorative purposes in the landscape. Although homeowners strive to maintain optimum tree health, sometimes they display black spots on their leaves. Also called tar spot... Read More »