Treatments for Pregnancy Acne?

Answer During pregnancy, the skin can erupt in acne breakouts from an increase of hormones that are surging through your body. Because traditional acne treatment products can contain harsh and irritating ... Read More »

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Sulfur Acne Treatments That Are Safe for Pregnancy?

Just when you thought you left acne behind in your teen years, you have a baby on the way and your face is covered in pimples. And to make matters worse, you have to be careful how you treat them, ... Read More »

Amoxicillin Acne Treatments?

Acne can be embarrassing and frustrating, so it is important that you know about all of the different types of treatments when trying to decide what type of treatment is right for you. If you have ... Read More »

Acupuncture Treatments for Acne?

Among the many treatments for acne, only a handful has been shown to work. Acupuncture is one of those remedies shown to reduce occurrences of acne and help heal previous acne blemishes and scars. ... Read More »

Acne Face Treatments?

Over-the-counter treatments are generally the frontline of acne face treatments. When acne is severe or over-the-counter medication fails, prescription treatments can be tried. Some people opt for ... Read More »