Treatment of an infant has a systemic viral infection?

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What are the treatments for systemic yeast infection in dogs?

Systemic dog yeast infections are caused by a natural organism in the dog's body called Candida albicans. Normal amounts of this organism are beneficial to the dog's intestinal health, but an overa... Read More »

How to Fight Viral Infection?

Viral infections occur the moment viruses invade the healthy living cells. One of the fatal viral infections is influenza commonly termed as "flu." There has not been identified safety drugs that c... Read More »

Types of Viral Eye Infection?

Various viruses can infect the eye and lead to viral eye infections that cause symptoms, including inflammation, pain, and sometimes scarring of the cornea.

Viral urinary tract infection?

The probiotics thing confuses me. Urine is sterile. How would ingested bacteria benefit urine sterility? Aside from that, viral cystitis is contagious, but if you are feeling fine and not peeing... Read More »