Treatment for *maybe* broken first metatarsal?

Answer Seek the doctor or if you have the skin treatment, use it...Good luck!

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Help! Fractured or maybe broken?

Best thing to do is go to the doctors, because even if you were talking to a doctor online they wouldn't know for sure whats wrong without actually seeing the injury or using x-rays. Just go to the... Read More »

I stubbed my 2 little toes real hard, maybe broken,, should i go dr, or do they heal on their own?

Congratulation to your sister! You will still look good in the pictures! Your husband is correct. Unless your toes are pointing in the wrong direction the doctor won't do anything. Take old fashion... Read More »

First build im getting there maybe?

Most power wires go into the only place they fit. The tricky part is the 7 tiny wires from the front of the case that go into the bottom right corner of the motherboard. They have to be exactly rig... Read More »

Treatment for cracked or broken ribs?

I really don't know if this is pure coincidence but as I found some time to spare right now, on a saturday evening, the first question I happen to come accross is YOURS ! I am an Orthopedic consult... Read More »