Treatment for a protruding disc at lumbar vetebra 5?

Answer HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT :-Take ARNICA MONTANA + HYPERICUM + RHUS TOX all three in 30X potency, take them every hour till you start feeling relief after that take them three times a day half hour befo... Read More »

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What is a protruding disc?

A protrusion or bulging of the jelly-like discs that act as cushions between vertebrae (spinal bones) may not point to a medical problem unless the protrusion pinches the spinal nerves.DefinitionTh... Read More »

What are the treatments for a herniated lumbar disc?

The soft cushion between our vertebrae is called a disk. When that disk becomes herniated, a piece pushes into the spinal canal, often causing severe pain. However, only simple steps are usually ne... Read More »

Is a lumbar disc replacement successful for sciatica?

On One Hand: Yes, It Often Is SuccessfulAccording to Dr. Yogesh K. Pithwa, sedentary individuals with sciatica are good candidates for disc replacement surgery. It is generally safe and more benefi... Read More »

What Are the Signs & Symptoms of a Herniated Lumbar Disc?

Each of the vertebrae in your spine is separated by a small cushion that acts as a shock absorber and provides flexibility. When injured, these cushions may break open, resulting in a herniated dis... Read More »