Treatment for Eye Allergy Leaving Lagging Skin Under the Eyes?

Answer Although lack of rest, diseases like eczema and stress may be at the root of "lagging" or sagging and dark skin under the eyes, an allergy is another likely cause of this condition, also known as "... Read More »

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Treatment for Wrinkles Under the Eyes?

Wrinkles are caused by moisture loss under the skin. Over time, the eye area is prone to wrinkles because the skin loses elasticity and its ability to maintain moisture. Other factors that contribu... Read More »

How to Lighten Dark Skin Under the Eyes?

Although there are several ointments and creams that promise to lighten those dark circles under your eyes, they can be outrageously expensive. There's a much cheaper home remedy that uses common h... Read More »

What Causes Skin Discoloration Under the Eyes?

Under-eye skin discoloration can make the eyes appear tired, saggy and older than they really are. There are many reasons that the under-eye skin can became discolored, some of which can be remedie... Read More »

Skin Care Products for Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Everyone will have dark circles under the eyes from time to time. Most often, they are temporary, but while they are visible, most want to know how to make them less noticeable. Fortunately, there... Read More »