Treating Toddlers: Remedies for the Common Cold?

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Common cold remedies for babies?

What home remedies do you recommend to cure common cold and fever?

I do very well with echinacea and garlic. Also Sinus Support by Nature's Sunshine does very well to clear up my sinuses. Nature's Sunshine products have always proved to me to be the most potent an... Read More »

Dandruff Remedies for Toddlers?

While dandruff in toddlers is not common, it might be the reason your toddler suffers from an itchy, flaky scalp. Dandruff isn't contagious, but it is uncomfortable, and parents should act quickly ... Read More »

Can you catch the common cold in a hot country like Egypt, or is it just us all year round cold countries?

You can catch the common cold at anytime of the year and in any kind of environment. They call it a "Summer Cold" when you catch it in the Summer, but it is no different to the ones you catch in Wi... Read More »