Travertine Vs. Limestone Tile?

Answer Two materials that are used frequently in many tile designs are limestone and travertine tiles. Anyone who has seen both of these products side by side may not realize that in chemical and mineral ... Read More »

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What is a travertine tile?

Travertine comes from a natural form of rock, mined in Armenia, the United States, Turkey, Peru, Mexico and Iran. Manufacturers use travertine to create tiles, which are used in a variety of buildi... Read More »

How to Set Travertine Tile?

Travertine tile is a rough-looking stone full of naturally formed holes and pockmarks. This appearance makes it complicated to install. For household use, the best approach to travertine is to fill... Read More »

Do I have to seal Travertine tile?

There are four basic finishes of Travertine tile--polished, matte, brushed and tumbled. According to, polished Travertine is nearly stainproof and does not normally need a s... Read More »

Do you have to seal travertine tile?

On One Hand: Accepted StandardsTravertine tiles for your home can be purchased in their natural state or with a sealant already applied (generally sold as "polished travertine"). There is no need t... Read More »