Transom Vs. Hull Mount Sonar?

Answer When you talk about sonar, you are talking a using a transducer to generate sound in the water and receive its echo, and using a receiver to interpret that data. The data might represent a fish, a ... Read More »

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Is transom part of the hull?

Yes, a transom is considered part of the hull of a boat. It is the flat area on the back side of a boat where a rudder is attached on a sailboat or the engine on a motor boat.References:Maharishi U... Read More »

What Is a Transom Mount?

A transom mount is a position for the attachment of any piece of equipment to a boat. A boat's transom is the flat surface that forms its rear end or "stern." On this may be mounted an engine, a ru... Read More »

What is a transom mount for a canoe?

A canoe transom mount is a bracket that allows a small motor to be used with a canoe.Small Boat TransomsThe transom is the flat area at the back of a boat. Most small watercraft are designed to acc... Read More »

How to Mount Kicker Motor on a Transom?

The objective of this discussion is to mount a kicker motor on a moveable mounting bracket which allows the motor to be raised or lowered as needed. It is necessary to keep saltwater from entering ... Read More »