Transmission Speed of svga cable?

Answer I do not remember ever seeing a speed reference to svga cables, there is a bit of info here:…As it is a copper cable, (actually 15 cables I believe) then I... Read More »

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What is a SVGA cable?

The history of computer video display goes as such: First there were black-and-green screens, then crude color schemes, then, finally, something that produced more realistic images. That something ... Read More »

How do i connect an svga cable from a laptop to a tv?

Connecting to the TVAttach one end of the SVGA cable to the back of the television. The port on the back of the television will have three rows of five pins each, and it will be the only 15-pin con... Read More »

Is a VGA jack compatible with an SVGA cable?

SVGA cables are purposefully made to be backward compatible with VGA jacks. They are the same cable, but an SVGA cable supports higher resolution graphics. You can use an SVGA cable in a regular VG... Read More »

Good download speed, but weak upload speed on cable modem?

What is the expected upload speed of the plan that you are paying for?Most broadband Internet services including fiber, cable, ADSL and satellite are asymmetric. which just means that more of the b... Read More »