Transmission Seal Problems?

Answer Transmission seal leaks often start as a slow seep, but the seal can fail and cause a total loss of transmission fluid, leaving a motorist stranded. When a problem is found in a transmission seal, ... Read More »

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How to Diagnose Transmission Seal Problems?

Automatic transmission seals control the flow of hydraulic fluid and prevent it from leaking. The following symptoms could be signs that your transmission seal is bad. They can also be symptoms for... Read More »

Problems Caused by a Leaking Seal in a Transmission?

Automatic transmissions depend upon a specific volume of transmission fluid to operate correctly. Anytime this fluid level changes, it has an effect on the operation of the transmission which can b... Read More »

How to Seal Transmission?

If you see a reddish liquid underneath your car after its parked for a while, it could be that the seals have dried out on your transmission. When the seals dry out they shrink resulting in small l... Read More »

How to Seal a Transmission Pan?

Transmission pan gaskets seal the transmission pan, preventing the transmission fluid from leaking through the seam between it and the main body of the transmission. Whenever you change the transmi... Read More »