Transmission Overdrive Problems?

Answer Car transmission systems are complicated pieces of machinery with many intricate, inter-working parts. The "overdrive" feature of manual and automatic transmissions is designed to improve overall e... Read More »

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What Is an Overdrive Transmission?

An overdrive transmission, or overdrive, is an automatic or manual transmission equipped with an extra "overdrive" gear. Usually marked O/D on the shifter, the overdrive brings benefits such as red... Read More »

What is an overdrive automatic transmission?

Automatic overdrive transmissions (AODTs) are the single most common drivetrain used in American automobiles. Modern AODTs offer levels of convenience, comfort and fuel economy undreamed of when th... Read More »

Causes for Transmission Problems?

Often, an older vehicle will have transmission problems---some can be fixed easily, while some require a complete transmission rebuild or a new transmission. Some transmission problems can be attri... Read More »

What Can Cause Transmission Problems?

A vehicle's transmission is an integral part of its mechanical functionality. Problems with a vehicle's transmission can seriously limit a vehicle's ability to operate. What follows is a brief list... Read More »