Transmission Oil Problems?

Answer Not only does the oil need to be changed frequently in vehicles, but so do other fluids, including transmission fluids. Every vehicle is unique, and the owner's manual should be consulted for a li... Read More »

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Transmission Problems?

A vehicle transmission is the unit in a car that sends, or "transmits," power from the engine to the drive wheels. It functions through a series of gears that maintain the proper power range betwee... Read More »

KIA Transmission Problems?

Reported problems with Kia transmissions include sticking and lagging. According to the website AutoPartsFair, signs of malfunctioning Kia transmissions include oil leaks, burning odors, muddy tran... Read More »

Causes for Transmission Problems?

Often, an older vehicle will have transmission problems---some can be fixed easily, while some require a complete transmission rebuild or a new transmission. Some transmission problems can be attri... Read More »

Car Transmission Problems?

Transmission problems are expensive. They are complex, involve significant time and labor, and require expensive parts. However, without the repairs, your car will stop working as the mechanism fai... Read More »