Transmission Flush Information?

Answer Getting a transmission flush is an easy way to prolong the life of your engine. Whether you prefer to take it to a shop or do it yourself, is it important to flush your transmission regularly.

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Why Do I Need a Transmission Flush?

There are differing opinions about whether a transmission flush is needed for a car or not. A flush can be an effective way to clean out the transmission of any buildup, if it is done effectively. ... Read More »

How to Flush Your Transmission?

Good quality transmission fluid is crucial to any vehicle's performance. Without good fluid the transmission will slip or not engage at all. That can cause irretrievable damage. Most engines requir... Read More »

How Often to do a Transmission Flush?

Cars with automatic transmissions use a substance called transmission fluid, which must remain relatively clean for proper performance. Regular transmission flushes replace all of the fluid, instea... Read More »

DIY Transmission Flush?

Regular automotive maintenance can get expensive, but it also can be expensive to repair a vehicle because of neglect. If you would rather do your own work instead of paying someone to do it, you m... Read More »