Transmission Fluid Types?

Answer Transmissions, whether manual or automatic, involve lots of moving parts rubbing against each other. To keep a transmission running smoothly requires proper lubrication and cooling. That's where tr... Read More »

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Toyota Transmission Fluid Types?

Toyota brand products are among industry leaders for quality. The Toyota automatic transmission fluid, or ATF for short, that is right for your car will be clearly marked on the transmission dip s... Read More »

Manual Transmission Fluid Types?

Transmission fluid provides much-needed lubrication to the complex set of gears and other moving parts in the transmission of a vehicle. Transmission fluid traditionally has been petroleum-based, b... Read More »

Types of Transmission Fluid for 1991 Toyotas?

Transmission fluid is the liquid that is used to provide lubrication to the moving parts in the transmission system of an engine; this is achieved because of its slippery nature. This fluid also pl... Read More »

How Often Should Brake Fluid & Transmission Fluid Be Checked?

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