Transmission Cooler Information?

Answer Though many vehicles come equipped from the factory with an integrated transmission cooler, many people wisely prefer to use a supplemental cooler. This can help reduce transmission temperatures an... Read More »

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How do I Find a Transmission Cooler for a Ford C-6 Automatic Transmission?

The single most damaging element to an automatic transmission is excessive heat. That is why it is typically worthwhile to install an auxiliary transmission cooler. This applies to the Ford C-6 tra... Read More »

How to Repair the Transmission Cooler Line in a '96 Dodge Ram's Transmission?

The Dodge Ram has two transmission cooler lines that run from the side of the transmission to the bottom of the radiator. These lines transport transmission fluid to be cooled by the coolant in the... Read More »

Do I Need a Transmission Cooler?

In most cars, lines to and from the transmission are already designed to run through a cooler. It's always a good idea to keep any type of fluid meant to stabilize a moving part from dissipating. C... Read More »

What Is a Transmission Cooler?

Transmission oil can reach extremely high temperatures during operation, and this fluid can be cooled down with an external oil radiator. Some vehicles manufactured after 1975 will have transmissio... Read More »