Translating wordpress...?

Answer Usually theme files are kept with the theme. The first thing I would try is to add that theme with the translation files like I normally would - upload to the wp-content/themes folder. You do this ... Read More »

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How to Import Large Wordpress XML Files to WordPress?

You can use WordPress to create a professional looking blog in minutes. If you are migrating from another blog or hosting service, you can transfer your posts from the other service to your new Wor... Read More »

Help translating these tweets in Japanese?

A: I have a crush on an American. What can I do?B: Why do you ask me? Just try to learn English if you have time to ask questions. It's a KEYBOARD. U and I are next to each other. You have to say s... Read More »

How to Solve a Problem by Translating to Two or More Equations?

Most algebra word problems require setting up equations with one variable. Some problems, however, are more easily solved by setting up systems of two equations in two variables. Mixture and distan... Read More »

A good software for translating texts to another language?

I think google does that. My  mac dashboard has a widget that does that. Source(s): my  dashboard