Transferring mp3 music to ipod touch?

Answer HelloNow I am assuming your Sony music is in your windows media library if not you will need to transfer there first as I doubt a Sony media library will let you drag to iTunes direct but i have no... Read More »

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Which model iPod is the best for transferring and listening to music only?

Answer If you're sure you aren't going to want video later, then one of the standard iPods will do. They may be a little hard to find as I think they're phasing them out in favor of the new video m... Read More »

Is there a way to add music to my iPod touch 4th gen music library without iTunes and jailbreak?

I do not know about adding it to your music library, but you can download the app free music download in the app store and follow the instructions to get free music onto the app. Hope I help a little

Music for iPod touch ?

No, there is not an app to do that. You can transfer it from the 3rd party music app to the pre-installed music app via iTunes, though. Here are the instructions:1. Connect your device to your iTun... Read More »

How do you add music to your ipod touch?

the only way is to put the music in your itunes, and then connect your ipod touch to your itunes and sync it. u may also go on the itunes app in ur itouch and buy the song from there