Transferring files from laptop hard-drive to desktop?

Answer Install the old hard drive into an external drive case. Cheap and effective.…

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Can I Connect a Laptop Hard Drive to My Desktop PC as a Second Drive?

On One Hand: Laptop Drives Cost MoreLaptop hard drives can cost up to twice as much as a desktop hard drive for an equivalent amount of storage space. Because of their smaller form factor, laptop d... Read More »

Can a laptop hard drive be used in a desktop?

A laptop hard drive can be used in a desktop computer, but to do so you'll need to invest in a hard-drive adapter kit (see Resources). These kits come with a frame to hold the laptop hard drive in ... Read More »

Can You Use a Laptop Hard Drive in a Desktop Computer?

There are multiple ways to add a laptop hard drive to a desktop computer. Each method varies by cost, installation difficulty and whether you can easily move the hard drive between computers. Dep... Read More »

Can i use a desktop external hard drive in my laptop?

Yes. If the external HDD uses USB 2.0 or 3.0 you can always hook it up to a laptop with the same port. You can also fetch and store data like you would on a desktop. If the External HDD uses eSata,... Read More »