Transferring data from Mac OS 8 system to modern PC?

Answer Send as email attachments.If the drive format is HFS+, you could try this rather excrutiating option....-- Remove the hard drive.-- Mount it in a case.-- Install either HFSExplorer or Paragon HFS+ ... Read More »

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What does transferring data mean?

Transferring data means moving the digital information from one system to another in a given amount of time. It can also be coined as copying data from one computer to another.InsightData transfer ... Read More »

Components for transferring data?

flash drive, ftp server,Usb to usb thats all i know

What does transferring data mean in computer terms?

Whether it is a quadratic equation, video, a picture or a Tweet, it is data. If it needs to be somewhere, you need to transfer it. Use a computer to do that and it's called a data transfer.What dat... Read More »

What is a free and safe website for transferring iPod data to my computer?

Use SharePod.…