Transferring DV tapes onto computer without using the camera?

Answer There are couple of ways that you can go about this (both are mentioned, but with some extra advice). Your concern about wearing out the heads on your camcorder are good concerns. The fact is that ... Read More »

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How would you get an image onto a computer using a digital camera?

Connect the camera to a computer with a USB cable or take the memory card out of the camera and load it into a car reader of a computer.

Using a nikon digital camera how do you load photo's onto computer?

Well, I have a Nikon Coolpix s202, so I don`t know about everyone, but for me I have a connecter cord and first (when the camera is off!!!) I plug the small end into the camera and the large end in... Read More »

How do you put pictures from a disposable camera onto your computer with or without scanning but without scanning would be more helpful?

You bring your disposable camera to a local Walgreens. They can either take the photos out and you would have to scan them or they can put it on a disk from a extra fee.

How can i put old 8mm video tapes onto my computer?

well I used my old and even new one video tapes to burn or to live it in my hard drive is" DAZZLE DIGITAL VIDEO CREATOR 90" and to transfer to my computer I USED PINNACLE STUDIO 10.5 this USB conn... Read More »