Transferring DV tapes onto computer without using the camera?

Answer There are couple of ways that you can go about this (both are mentioned, but with some extra advice). Your concern about wearing out the heads on your camcorder are good concerns. The fact is that ... Read More »

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I'm having trouble transferring some pictures from my camera to my computer?

Marla don't do a disc clean hes crazy. I'll email

I have old tapes from an 8mm video recorder and VHSC how can I transfer them to computer W/O camera working?

Check out StashSpace.Com they are an online video conversion company that can put your 8mm and VHS tapes onto a portable hard drive. $7 / tape + cost of drive.

Can you reuse video camera tapes once full (Like polaroid mini DV tapes)?

I've been re-using my mini DV tapes for years. It's been said that you can re-use them until they break. I mark them each time I re-use one and trash it after the tenth time. Here's hoping you have... Read More »

What does transferring data mean in computer terms?

Whether it is a quadratic equation, video, a picture or a Tweet, it is data. If it needs to be somewhere, you need to transfer it. Use a computer to do that and it's called a data transfer.What dat... Read More »