Transfering to get my bachelors...?

Answer As long as you are in school, your loan payments are deferred. So if you transfer to get your bachelor's, and let your lender know that you are still in school, it won't come due until you're fini... Read More »

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Transfering my music?

Two ways:Connect iPod to computer and click iPod from my computer. Click Tool->folder options->show hidden files and copy songs and videos from iPod_Control folder.Or you can use some third party s... Read More »

Transfering songs to an iPod from two computers?

That will only work if you bought all the songs from iTunes. =/Which Nano is it? The new one or the old one?I'm not sure if the following directions will work for the new one (although I have had s... Read More »

Transfering hard-disk videos into DVD?

If you convert the videos into DVD format - they will be 480.Most smart televisions have a USB jack. Just copy the files to a USB flash drive, plug them in and see if they will play without convert... Read More »

Problem transfering photos from camera to computer?

Try a card reader and copy/paste from the card reader to pictures/video folder.