Transfer video from one mini-dv to another mini-dv.?

Answer You can capture the video, delete or mute the audio in an editor and then "print to tape" to put it back on another tape in the camcorder. It's in the lap of the gods whether the time code will su... Read More »

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How to transfer video from mini dv to laptop ?

Hi Maria: Thanks for the Additional Details update, but I'm afraid you are mistaken about the Sony HandyCam software (PicturePackageâ„¢ Software Ver. 1.5) that came with your camcorder. According... Read More »

How to Transfer a Mini DV Video to a DVD on the Computer?

Mini-DV is a popular format for newer video cameras. Mini-DV tapes are much smaller than the old style VHS tapes that went right from your camcorder to your VCR. Mini-DV tapes are digital, so while... Read More »

How do you transfer video from jvc gr-dvl120u mini dv camcorder to a Mac?

You need the right cable -- mini DV to firewire (I got one at DCables) -- I called customer service at JVC and they said open iMovie, turn camcorder knob to "Play" position and you're ready to import

Why I loose my video quality when I transfer videos from mini DV camcorder to PC?

Movie Maker is for VCD quality video and not DVD or Mini DV quality. It automatically reduces the frame sizes for VCD and not even sVCD. MPEG1 is used for VCDs. Everytime you save a clip in WMM y... Read More »