Transfer images from computer to memory card?

Answer Take it out, if you look on the side, there's a little button or slidy thingy. If it's pushed up, it will be in "write protected mode".You need to put it on OFF so you can write on it.

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Why would you not be able to develop pictures from a memory card if you can see the images on your computer and camera?

Answer Some cameras require that you save the picture to the card. If you don't save them the picture can be seen in the camera or even if the camera is plugged in to the computer.

How to Transfer Photos From My Computer to a Memory Card?

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How to Transfer a Movie From My SD Flash Memory Card to My Computer?

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Is it possible to transfer pictures from a Kodak digital camera memory card to your computer?

Answer yes it is possible to transfere pictures from a Kodak digital camrs to your computer HOW?] you have to download an kodak picture app. Just google Kodak for mac