Transfer VHS video to DVD?

Answer Simple.Your VHS player's output is analogue, computers will only import/capture Digital you need a converter. the price ranges from a few $'s to hundreds, it depends on the quality you want. Have a... Read More »

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Sites or GOOD & safe downloads that can transfer a youtube video to a video to put on iTunes?

I use ZAMZAR ( i think thats the name. I will check when I get home but thats what I use.

How to Transfer Video With a USB?

Digital video has put quality filmmaking within the grasp of even low-budget hobbyists. Editing the video via non-linear editing software makes almost anything possible. Transferring the video from... Read More »

How to Transfer a Video From a DVR to a PC?

Making digital copies of television programs you have recorded with a DVR gives you the option of backing them up onto a DVD or CD. Depending on the DVR console you own, you may have the option of ... Read More »

How to Transfer HDD Video to DVD?

As technology has advanced, both amateur and professional filmmakers have increasingly edited and processed their videos on computers. Film and tapes must be captured on a video file through teleci... Read More »