Transcription Protocol?

Answer Transcription is completed in a few simple steps. It involves the transfer of recorded audio to text format, and a variety of devices can be used to complete the task.

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What is a transcription machine?

A transcription machine is an adaptation of an audio recording machine used by businesses. The machine is for the composition of documents. One person dictates into the machine and a second person... Read More »

How do I get certified in medical transcription?

Medical transcriptionists listen to recordings of health care professionals and transcribe the audio files into medical reports or other administrative documents. According to the Bureau of Labor S... Read More »

What is a medical transcription?

Doctors record dictation after making a diagnosis, performing an examination or operation, and prescribing treatment. Medical transcription is the process of turning this dictation into a written r... Read More »

What is legal transcription?

Legal transcription is the task of converting the spoken word from legal proceedings, discussions, interviews or attorney dictation into typewritten text.JobsLegal transcription is a profession as ... Read More »