Transactional Leadership Activities?

Answer Leaders adopt different leadership styles. Organizational leaders and their management styles have an impact on how an organization performs. A manager's leadership style is the basis for interacti... Read More »

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Historic List of Transactional Leadership?

Transactional leadership is a leadership theory that relies on the motivation of workers by appealing to the individual's sense of self-interest. Researcher James McGregor Burns first outlined this... Read More »

Cool Leadership Activities?

Everyone is a follower. At some point in life, we all follow the leadership of others -- parents, teachers, friends, managers and government officials. Not everyone is a leader. To be a leader mean... Read More »

Elementary Leadership Activities?

Leadership skills can be an essential quality in almost any situation. Teaching elementary-aged students basic leadership skills is an important step in their growth and developing a sense of well-... Read More »

Teenage Leadership Activities?

During high school, it is important that teenagers begin to hone their leadership skills. These activities provide life lessons for teens entering the next phases of their lives, whether it's colle... Read More »