Trampolining back injury from front drops?

Answer A couple of weeks ago, I had an injury on my trampoline. Let me be honest, I nearly paralysed myself, so I'm lucky to still be walking. Be super careful from now on. I know it sounds like I'm being... Read More »

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Is it best to wipe from back to front or front to back?

It really only depends if you're a chick.

How to Recover From a Back Injury?

Done something to your back as of recently? Have you been left uncomfortable or in pain? Back injuries make up 20% of all injuries that occur in the workplace due to lifting heavy objects and strai... Read More »

How to Come Back from a Gymnastics Injury?

Going back to gym for the first time because of an injury is hard, so here are some tips to make your transition go smoothly.

Can u ever fully recover from a back injury?