Trampolining back injury from front drops?

Answer A couple of weeks ago, I had an injury on my trampoline. Let me be honest, I nearly paralysed myself, so I'm lucky to still be walking. Be super careful from now on. I know it sounds like I'm being... Read More »

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Do you prefer DEDs front-to-front, front-to-back, or back-to-back?

Should the needle be threaded back to front or front to back?

it really doesn't matter, as long as you get it threaded!

How to Be Good at Trampolining?

Want to be a brilliant Trampolinist and amaze your friends but don't know how to? Don't worry,help is on the way!Follow these simple steps to become a brilliant Trampolinist!

I have a back injury?

Father,This child is in pain and is suffering at a place that You know well. I ask in Jesus' Name that You will heal this child from suffering and draw them to You in Grace in the the Name of Jesu... Read More »