Training for Economists?

Answer An economist is a social scientist who studies asset distribution within society. They gather and analyze an assortment of data related to labor, land and other resources to uncover patterns of beh... Read More »

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What do economists do?

Using research and raw data, economists study the patterns and distribution of resources within a society---raw materials, land and currency, for example. With the data they collect, economists mak... Read More »

Roles of Managerial Economists?

Managerial economists work in business situations with management teams for developing future decisions and plans. Managerial economists offer many roles within a company, most utilizing economic p... Read More »

Theories of Classical Economists?

The classical economists were a group of writers active in the 18th and 19th centuries. These economists, who included Adam Smith, David Ricardo, and John Stuart Mill, believed in a few key theorie... Read More »

How do economists calculate profit?

On a basic level, profit is what's left of revenue after costs have been factored out, but there are several ways an economist might calculate profit when looking at the balance sheet of a company ... Read More »