Training Tips for New Singers?

Answer Singing competitions offering significant prizes are becoming common all over the world. These competitions support singers of different genres of music and of all ages, leading to an influx of new... Read More »

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Voice Therapy Training for Singers?

Voice therapists are licensed speech language pathologists who are usually referred by a physician to treat voice disorders. Voice therapists often treat singers who have developed vocal disorders.... Read More »

Tips to Help Gospel Singers?

Gospel is a uniquely American music form that emerged from African American spirituals. Gospel remains popular today, especially in the South, and has had a distinct influence on other musical genr... Read More »

When training for serving in a restaurant is it policy to get tips while training?

You do not get tipped while training, but you should get full minimum wage.

Tips for Interactive Training?

Create an interactive training session to encourage increased information retention as well as increased overall interest in the lecture. Interactive training can take many forms ranging from the m... Read More »