Trail Association Bylaws?

Answer According to the West's Encyclopedia of American Law as quoted by TheFreeDictionary Legal Dictionary, bylaws are "the rules and regulations enacted by an association... to provide a framework for i... Read More »

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Can a homeowners association establish new bylaws would these bylaws have to be added to the original deeds for each unit?

Generally, yes. The right to amend bylaws or establish new bylaws is usually reserved in the documents that created the condominium and its HOA. Those documents should outline the procedure. As to ... Read More »

Does every homeowners association have to have bylaws?

Yes. A Homeowners' Association (HOA) is a legal entity that governs a subdivision, condominium or town home development, or planned community. Membership is mandatory for any purchaser of a lot or ... Read More »

What are the steps in changing bylaws of a condominium association?

Your governing documents are specific about amending your by-laws, because this process is different in every community. The steps may include: Working with your association's attorney to craft the... Read More »

Can a condo owner opt out of or limit participation in an association that is not following its bylaws?

If you purchased the unit subject to the condo association you cannot "opt out". You need to get some other unit owner organized to get the association to enforce the rules. Expanded AnswerYou can ... Read More »