Traditional Tattoo Ideas?

Answer In days gone by in American society, the addition of permanent body ink, or tattoos, were viewed as items worn by sailors and girls of ill repute. In more modern times, the taboos have faded and ta... Read More »

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How to Design a Neo-Traditional Tattoo?

Neo-Traditional is a relatively new term in the tattoo industry. Some people describe neo-traditional tattoos as a combination of old school and new school tattooing. While others simply deem them ... Read More »

Non-Traditional Pew Bow Ideas?

Every bride is different. She may be classic and prefer a wedding full of rose petals and ball gowns or an artistic eclectic who wouldn't be happy unless her dog rode in wearing his own tuxedo. Mor... Read More »

Ideas for a Traditional Thanksgiving Meal?

Thanksgiving is a fall celebration of thanks for good health, family and a bountiful harvest. The first Thanksgiving, in 1621, was celebrated by English pilgrims and native Americans, and, although... Read More »

What are some ideas beyond the traditional sausages and steak on the bbq?

Kochie!!!#1 - For me, and I know this is a stigma for some, but SHRIMPS (lol prawns thank you) taste amazing on the barbie- especially loaded up with a puree of olive oil, chilli, garlic and lemon ... Read More »