Traditional Mexican Hairstyles?

Answer Today, Mexican women's hairstyles are as varied as American women's hairstyles, but there are some hairstyles that are considered traditionally Mexican. Mexican women traditionally have long hair, ... Read More »

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What is traditional Mexican dress?

In modernized, urban areas of Mexico, clothing styles are not dissimilar to those found in the United States or in Europe. However, traditional clothing styles can still be seen throughout Mexico, ... Read More »

Traditional Mexican Holiday Foods?

Holidays in Mexico play an important part of the culture, and food creates one of the cornerstones for those celebrations. Like in other cultures, foods for fiestas served depend on the time of yea... Read More »

Mexican Traditional Wedding Ceremony?

If you're going to be getting married soon and are of Mexican descent, you may want to add elements and traditions to your ceremony or reception that reflect Mexican culture. These elements can be ... Read More »

Why is the traditional Mexican pinata a star?

Today we associate pinatas with parties and celebration. But at one time, the pinata was a method by which Christian missionaries instructed converts in the beliefs of the Catholic Church.OriginDur... Read More »