Traditional Japanese meals?

Answer Lots of people here seem to think Japanese eat sushi and sashimi on a daily basis, but from my knowledge it is something they eat during festivals.Traditional Japanese Breakfast: Onigiri (Japanese ... Read More »

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What can I serve thats non-traditional meals for the upcoming holidays?

We did a Pork Crown Roast one year to change up the Christmas Dinner. we did make a stuffing for the center of the roast, but for us we added sausage, apples,celery, cranberries. Usually we have co... Read More »

What is an example of traditional Japanese food?

Other than sushi, here are some typical home/mother cooked meals.... Pickles (all sorts of radish) Niku-jaga (simmered potato and meat)Rice BallsTamago-yaki (rolled omelette)Kimpira Gobo (braised b... Read More »

Traditional Japanese Toilet?

Traditional toilets in Japan are similar to other traditional toilets found across Asia. They are known as squat toilets and are located on the floor. They are still common throughout the country a... Read More »

Traditional Hairstyles of Japanese Children?

The Japanese have long been recognized for their intricate fashion sense and genetically pin-straight hair, which has paved the way for creating some iconic traditional hairstyles. Japanese childre... Read More »