Traditional Food From Norway?

Answer The traditional foods of Norway are influenced by the northern European country's vast shoreline, well-established dairy farms and short summer season. As a result, you will find the Norwegian tabl... Read More »

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What food is Norway famous for?

Norway, which is surrounded by water, is famous for seafood. Its best-known food may be lutefisk, which is dried fish that has been soaked in lye. Another famous Norwegian food is Jarlsberg, a mild... Read More »

What is traditional British food?

England may be a small island, but the traditional cuisine is large, meaty and full of vegetables. Although England may not have the best reputation for food, there are a number of tasty meals that... Read More »

What is a traditional food in India?

Traditional Indian foods vary by region but include roti (flat bread), ghee (clarified butter), curry, sambhar (gravy with vegetables and pulses), vada (savory fried bread), dosa (rice pancakes) an... Read More »

What is an example of traditional Japanese food?

Other than sushi, here are some typical home/mother cooked meals.... Pickles (all sorts of radish) Niku-jaga (simmered potato and meat)Rice BallsTamago-yaki (rolled omelette)Kimpira Gobo (braised b... Read More »