Traditional Boats of the Lumbee?

Answer The Lumbee or Croatoan Indians are a Native American people indigenous to North Carolina. They own land of their own and are self-governing, but their sovereignty is not currently recognized by the... Read More »

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Why do boats float?

Whether you're talking about a skiff or an oil tanker, a dinghy or a cruise ship, the principles of flotation are the same.DisplacementLike any other objects, boats float when they push aside, or d... Read More »

How do I get rid of odors in boats?

Identify the source of the odor. Common sources of odor on a boat include sanitation hoses, holding tanks, bilges, cushions or mattresses, refrigerators, fuel odors and pet odors.Clean out all hose... Read More »

Do boats need the CE mark?

American-made recreational boats only need the "CE" mark to prove that the boats comply with recreational craft rules of European Union countries or in the European Economic Area, which includes ov... Read More »

Who makes VIP boats?

Caddo Manufacturing, LLC makes VIP boats and has since the company purchased the brand in 2008. Prior to that time, VIP Boats manufactured the VIP brand, but was forced to sell its assets due to ba... Read More »