Trade Schools for Women?

Answer It was through the advocacy efforts of women in the 19th century that women were first allowed to attend the university. It was generally accepted that a girl's education be provided by the family ... Read More »

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Grants for Women in Trade Schools?

Trade organizations prove to be the most likely source of trade school grants. These organizations have national and local chapters that offer grants in specialized fields of study, such as carpent... Read More »

Trade Shows in Philadelphia for Women?

The "City of Brotherly Love" is home to a variety of trade shows that may interest women. Many shows are open to the public and others are for industry people. There is no need for women to travel ... Read More »

About Trade Schools?

Trade school is another term for vocational education, which is education that teaches an applied skill rather than theoretical knowledge. Trade school is key if you want to learn how to do a highe... Read More »

EMT Trade Schools?

EMT is short for emergency medical technician. As an emergency medical technician, you would be the first one to provide care to patients. Emergency medical technicians arrive on the scene of an ac... Read More »