Track your phone without installing a program?

Answer Ipod remains Apple's best-selling product despite introduction of iphone.Ipod has sold over 100 million units worldwide which is approximately 5 times the iphone.

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How to Use a Program in an Installer Without Installing?

If you want to use a program in an installer and you just don't want to install it for some weird and unknown reason, I can show you how. however, this only works on SFX archives.

Do phone companies keep track of a cell phone's Internet activity?

Phone companies keep track of a cell phone's Internet activity so they know how much to charge for the service. Some companies charge $1.99 per megabyte of data transfer. Others have data plans for... Read More »

Can someone track where I am by phone calls made by my phone by me?

Only the police & government have the authority to run a trace like that.They can pinpoint your location whenever your phone is switched on, and find out the location when any call is made.

Will a cell phone GPS track out of the area or when the phone is off?

Cell phone tracking services are not able to provide an accurate location when a cell phone is turned off or when the phone is not receiving either network coverage or a GPS signal.References:AT&T:... Read More »