Track your phone without installing a program?

Answer Ipod remains Apple's best-selling product despite introduction of iphone.Ipod has sold over 100 million units worldwide which is approximately 5 times the iphone.

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How to Use a Program in an Installer Without Installing?

If you want to use a program in an installer and you just don't want to install it for some weird and unknown reason, I can show you how. however, this only works on SFX archives.

Anyone intercepted text messages from spouse without installing software into phone?

Either talk to them or divorce them if you don't trust them. I know I'd divorce you if I found out that you were tapping my texts.

Can your parents track internet on your cell phone?

Not to be annoying, but you need to check your grammar with these questions.I am guessing that you are wondering when plugging your phone into the computer, will it be connected to the Internet?You... Read More »

Can the Police Track Your Cell Phone?

Police can track cell phone systems because the devices constantly send data to cell towers. According to Wired, the towers record the strength of the signal along with the side of the tower the si... Read More »