Toys That Expand When Put in Water?

Answer There are many toys that expand in water available for kids of all ages. They tend to be called many different things, and can usually be found in the science section of a toy store. These toys are... Read More »

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Does water expand or contract when heated?

Most of the time, water expands when heated. Most liquids expand when heated and contract when cooled, but water breaks this rule between 0 and 4 degrees Celsius. Between these temperatures, water ... Read More »

How do I expand plastic water pellets for potted plants?

Measure the PelletsUse the chart on the plastic pellet package to determine how many pellets you need for the pot size you are working with. Pour the correct amount of pellets into a very large bow... Read More »

How do I clean bath toys with vinegar, water& Clorox?

Fill your sink with enough water to submerge the bath toys. Add 1 cup vinegar or Clorox to the sink per gallon of water used. Both are disinfectants, however vinegar is all natural and contains no ... Read More »

How to Use Baking Soda to Propel Children's Water Toys?

Turn a simple plastic bottle into a water toy boat with just a couple household ingredients. When baking soda and vinegar mix, it creates a chemical reaction. The two ingredients fizz and make gas ... Read More »