Toyota Tercel Specs?

Answer The Tercel was a staple in Toyota's lineup from 1978 through 1999. It arrived in the United States for the 1980 model year. The Tercel was a four-cylinder subcompact economy car that was never know... Read More »

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How to Tune Up a Toyota Tercel?

A tune up for your Toyota Tercel is a good investment. You'll save money on gas and extend the life of your car. You'll check the battery and clean the battery posts, check emissions control equipm... Read More »

How to Unlock a Toyota Tercel?

Modern Toyota Tercels are equipped with a keyless remote entry system and a key that came with the Tercel. The keyless remote can unlock the doors, trunks (most models) and sound an alarm to assist... Read More »

How to Replace CV Axles in a Toyota Tercel?

A bad CV axle in a Toyota Tercel will result in a prominent noise emitting from the damaged axle. During turns, it will sound like the crinkling noise of an aluminum can. This will indicate that th... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot the Air Conditioning on a Toyota Tercel?

If you reach for the A/C in your Toyota Tercel in the middle of summer and all you receive is a blast of hot air, your A/C system may be experiencing a number of issues. However, you can diagnose m... Read More »