Toyota Tacoma Lens Replacement Instructions?

Answer The lighting system of the Toyota Tacoma consists of four pairs of assemblies. The headlights make up one pair. The side markers, located adjacent to the headlights, make up another pair. The front... Read More »

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Replacement Instructions for the Tacoma PCV Valve?

Replace the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve on your Toyota Tacoma truck at home, with ease, and save yourself time and money. The valve is a black, plastic plug, responsible for recircul... Read More »

Toyota Tacoma Battery Change Instructions?

As the battery in your Tacoma ages, it begins to ineffectively hold its charge. This occurs naturally from everyday use but can also be hastened from the simplest things. Leaving a phone charger pl... Read More »

Toyota Tacoma Oxygen Sensor Instructions?

Modern automobiles utilize a computer and several types of sensors to regulate the engine and limit the amount of polluting gases the vehicle emits. Oxygen sensors are critical components of this s... Read More »

Instructions on How to Remove a Toyota Tacoma Door Panel?

The door panel of a Toyota Tacoma serves the dual purpose of protecting components located inside the door, such as the window and door latch mechanisms, and providing a mounting point for items su... Read More »