Toyota Supra Radiator Installation?

Answer Your Toyota Supra's radiator provides an invaluable service to an engine that must endure the demands of sports car driving. The engine bay of the Toyota Supra is a relatively open space that makes... Read More »

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How to Install a 52mm Radiator in a Toyota Supra?

Building a performance vehicle means paying attention to all aspects of the job, including the little things. A radiator is a key part of your cooling system, and if you're able to reduce heat quic... Read More »

Installation of a Radiator for a Toyota Tercel?

The Toyota Tercel was manufactured with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that uses a pressurized coolant system with a radiator and engine-driven pump. The radiator can become corroded or damaged a... Read More »

1984 Toyota Supra Information?

The 1984 Toyota Supra featured several improvements on the original 1979 version, particularly with regard to speed and engine capabilities. In 1984, purchasers had two options: the L-type and the ... Read More »

1987 Toyota Supra Specifications?

In 1986, Toyota revamped its Celica, turning it from a low-key coupe into the sportier Supra. The Supra of the 1980s was a far cry from the first Celica to be sold in America in 1971. While the fir... Read More »