Toyota Corolla List of Models?

Answer The Toyota Corolla made its U.S. debut in 1968, and has since become one of the oldest yet most popular models for the Japanese manufacturer. Since its introduction, the Corolla has undergone body ... Read More »

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Differences in Toyota Avalon Models?

Japan-based Toyota Motor Corporation produces the Toyota Avalon in three trim levels: the XL, XLS and the Limited. The Avalon was introduced in 1994 and continues today. It's a four-door full-size ... Read More »

How many kW does a Toyota Corolla RXi have?

The Toyota Corolla RXi model operates at a maximum power output of 154.0 brake horsepower (bhp), sometimes referred to as British horsepower, and 114.8 kilowatts. This level of output occurs at 7,8... Read More »

What is a Toyota Corolla LE?

A Toyota Corolla LE is the "luxury" trim of the best-selling compact car, named so because it has some features that are usually found in luxury vehicles. As of March 2010, the current model is the... Read More »

Where is the toyota corolla built?

The Toyota Corollas have been built in Fremont, California, and Ontario, Canada, since 1997. They were originally built in Japan but moved to a factory that was formerly owned by General Motors.Sou... Read More »