Toyota Celica Specs?

Answer The first versions of the Toyota Celica debuted in the early 1970s, and the car continued to be manufactured through the 2005 model. The Celica is a two-door coupe that was redesigned multiple time... Read More »

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Toyota Celica GTS Specs?

First introduced in August 1982, the Celica GT-S filled a void in Toyota's sports car offerings. It improved the Celica's image as a high-performance vehicle, and increased Toyota's visibility as a... Read More »

Toyota Celica GT4 ST185 Specs?

The Toyota Celica GT4 ST185 is a rally car. This means that unless you are a rally driver it is not commonly used for everday things like driving to work or picking the kids up from school. It was ... Read More »

Specs for Spark Plug Torque for an '81 Celica?

Your spark plugs on your 1981 Toyota Celica requires a certain amount of torque to adequately sit in the equipment in the cylinder head. Use care when you install the spark plugs; breaking a plug i... Read More »

Facts on the Toyota Celica?

Japanese automaker Toyota produced the Toyota Celica for 36 years from 1970 to 2006. The series of four-cylinder coupes were last offered in the North American market in 2005. Toyota announced it w... Read More »