Toyota 4 Runner Maintenance?

Answer As a general rule, maintenance programs are recommended in intervals of mileage or time, depending upon whichever milestone occurs first. Toyota provides the following minimum maintenance intervals... Read More »

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How to Change the CV Joints on a 94 Toyota 4-Runner?

The CV joints on a 1994 Toyota 4-Runner are on the driveshafts of the 4-Runner. The shafts use these CV joints to provide flexibility in the shaft during corning and straight-line travel (when goin... Read More »

Toyota 4 Runner Bumper Removal?

You might need to remove your 4Runner's bumper for maintenance, repairs or replacements, or to install an aftermarket upgrade. The exact procedure for removing the bumper might vary from year to ye... Read More »

Toyota 4-Runner Rotor Removal?

Over time, the brakes on your Toyota 4-Runner will wear down and need replacing. The rotors are the most expensive part of the braking system, but with some basic mechanical skills, you can remove ... Read More »

How to Read Codes in a Toyota 4 Runner?

Your Toyota 4 Runner comes standard with a system diagnostic controller that contains a datalink connector. The connector can be plugged into an OBD II code reader that will read the trouble codes ... Read More »