Toyota 4 Runner Bumper Removal?

Answer You might need to remove your 4Runner's bumper for maintenance, repairs or replacements, or to install an aftermarket upgrade. The exact procedure for removing the bumper might vary from year to ye... Read More »

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Toyota 4-Runner Rotor Removal?

Over time, the brakes on your Toyota 4-Runner will wear down and need replacing. The rotors are the most expensive part of the braking system, but with some basic mechanical skills, you can remove ... Read More »

Toyota Corolla Bumper Removal?

The Toyota Corolla, like most cars on the road today, is equipped with a plastic bumper cover, a foam bumper shock absorber, and a metal bumper that is completely integrated into the frame. This en... Read More »

Toyota Bumper Removal Procedures?

Removing Toyota bumpers is an easy process that takes patience and a small bit of know-how around auto repair. A trained mechanic can do this in about five minutes but it may take a little more tim... Read More »

Toyota Corolla Front Bumper Removal?

If you are simply replacing your Toyota Corolla's bumper with an aftermarket or customized version, you should only need to remove the bumper cover. If the bumper has been damaged in a collision, y... Read More »